Don't harassment go unchecked on Facebook


Recently many of us queer porn stars have had to deal with having our non offensive photos reported and banned an Facebook. It seems as though the source of these reports is the same person who has been harassing porn star Kitty Stryker. When she reported and spoke out about this harassment…

Facebook enabling abuse, as usual. Shower of cunts.

Alternate Punchlines Include: But You're Right, There's "No Such Thing As Cis Privilege"


As a trans woman, I can’t:

  1. Be femme (because I’m “over-performing” my gender, to quote Julie Bindel, and reinforcing the patriarchy besides by relying on harmful stereotypes of womanhood)
  2. Be butch or even not femme (because therapists wouldn’t even listen to me if my…


This semester I went to the White Privilege Conference in Madison, WI for my honors seminar about examining privilege. I made a poster about the behaviors of particular white female musicians who appropriate other cultures as a means of identity and sexualize/objectify WOC as a means of displaying sexual agency and social power. All under the guise of “empowerment”.

This is my take on the knowledge I found through seminar and readings, (esp. online articles) so in no way do I claim these ideas or concepts as my own.

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Vanessa Hudgens is beyond hope. As if the bindis weren’t enough cultural appropriation, let’s just go and dress up like an indian bride. Oh and not to mention sacred Hindu gods on her nails. Does she even understand the significance of these gods?


White people are gross with their incessant need to appropriate

Oh no no no

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This Teenage Artist Was Bullied Off Of Tumblr After Making A Webcomic About White Privilege









And sometimes white people get mad at other white people. 

The comic in question no longer lives on her Tumblr page, but you can find a reprint of it (with full credit and her permission) here:

My heart goes out to this young woman, and I hope that she eventually feels comfortable enough to come back to Tumblr, as she’s a smart and gifted artist. 

Her tumblr, if you want to follow it, is

It’s a shame that this happened.  Her comic was perfect and nobody deserves death threats.

I love her comic and its a shame she got bullied off for telling the truth.

that comic was great. jesus white people y’all need some serious humility and love in your life.


White people need to chill.

Doesn’t this just prove her point? 

From her page:

Please do not send me any more messages about how awful it was that I received death threats. I am beyond pissed that everyone has taken my comic about white privilege and the effects of institutionalized discrimination, and has turned it into a rallying cry against online bullying. This was not the point I was trying to make. Stop making me the face of bullying, and do NOT make me the face of “White Allies”. ——————-THERE ARE COMICS AND POSTS LIKE MINE BEING MADE BY PEOPLE OF COLOR ALL OVER THIS WEBSITE, AND THEY DON’T RECEIVE 1/5TH OF THE ATTENTION THAT I HAVE GOTTEN. THE FACT THAT MINE GOT POPULAR SPEAKS VOLUMES TO WHAT EXACTLY WHITE PRIVILEGE IS. I may not have deserved this hatred, but I do NOT deserve ANY praise. I want you all to know that Education is NOT where oppression ends, it’s where it begins. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words, but it’s over now. There’s nothing left for me to say.

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girls are amazing i just watched my friend change 8 times before picking an outfit you girls are so dedicated to looking good i can’t believe there are men out there sitting in their cum stained sweatpants trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear

thank you

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75 years ago, on this date, Billie Holiday recorded a song that Time Magazine would call song of the century: Strange Fruit, a song written about a lynching in the South. 

Holiday first performed the song at Cafe Society in 1939. She said that singing it made her fearful of retaliation but, because its imagery reminded her of her father, she continued to sing the piece making it a regular part of her live performances. Because of the poignancy of the song, Josephson drew up some rules: Holiday would close with it; the waiters would stop all service in advance; the room would be in darkness except for a spotlight on Holiday’s face; and there would be no encore. During the musical introduction, Holiday would stand with her eyes closed, as if she were evoking a prayer.

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Life is varying degrees of pain.

Panel 4!

Yeah, Panel 4 hurts the most :(

Panel 4!





Life is varying degrees of pain.

Panel 4!

Yeah, Panel 4 hurts the most :(

Panel 4!

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My Dad isn’t a bad person, he’s just… old fashioned.

This is so much the outlook by many men on a woman’s hormonal fluctuation. As if there is no control. No matter what, women cannot have control of their bodies.

Funny how men use the same excuse for raping women, isn’t it?

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